fucking september 13, 2014

well i really thought this day would turn out great but it became worse. things didnt go the way i expected it. i guess it all my fault again, my fault again. ayoko lang kasing napipilitan tao sakin and i want whats best for them even tho it will be the worst for me. i just want to make people happy and likewise, make me happy when i can see how i made them happy and how they appreciate everything i’ve done for them.

…well i’ll miss her so bad. but it will be temporary, i know it will and things will go back to the way it were before.


i dont need a title for this

it isnt our anniversary or our monthsary or whatever but i just want to write this down. the moment i knew that this girl was mine, i already said to my self, “don’t let her go, she’s special” and i guess i’m doing fine with the “not letting go” part. everything is very hard these days, some bad memories cant be forgotten and some promises should be fulfilled. coldness are felt through every word uttered and the spark are just felt sometimes. i have seen posts about love, and about not giving up to a person even though she pushes you away, even if she’s mad or what because they say that “it is worth the wait”. “Everything will be worth it” those things that happened before that doesnt happen anymore can be repeated if you would just wait and of course, do something to make it happen. we argue a lot, especially these past few days because of things that are annoying or exasperating and we’re always close to letting go but we dont have the guts to let go of each other because we know that through all of our arguments and mistakes, there is still love between us. tbh i sometimes felt like giving up, when i would go to their place and say things that can be sad, i always forget what i was supposed to say because when i would see her face, i forget everything sad, she always clears my mind and she instantly makes me happy even tho she’s frowning or what. i just love seeing her face. 1 year and 1 month, i still cant and dont want to find a reason how to unlove this girl. i dont think i can find someone like her again. i  just cant handle that kind of pain if i would see her holding another man’s hand or laughing to another man’s jokes. i just love her so much through everything we’ve been through, all the bad words i’ve accepted and all of the names i’ve been called, i still love her. all i need from her is to be loved back with all of her and i hope she appreciates everything i have done for her. i love you baby, i love you kryzzel adriene rosales (@echtdweeb)